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DLG awards

  • 2016  DLG award for lont-term quality (4rd year)
  • 2015  DLG award for lont-term quality (3rd year), Czech Superbrand Award


Kosher products

Kosher products with chocolate won New Product Competition on Kosher Fest 2012



Knackebrot_zaitny_21RACIO decided to innovate two types of knäckebrots. The new knäckebrots have changed their recipes – they contain more rye, they have softer taste and higher weight for the same price.

Racio rye knäckebrots contain 18% of dietary fibre. Fibre is very important for our health as it supports our immune system and natural peristalsis in the digestive tract, it cleans guts and it is good for constipation prevention. The dietary fibre collects harmful substances and helps to excrete them from the body. The recommended dose of the fibre is approx. 25g per day, during the reducing diet even more – up to 35g per day.

Rye is one of the typical Czech cereal crops. Contrary to wheat, rye contains gluten that provokes less allergic reactions. Rye is appreciated for its wide range of mineral nutrients – potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, sulfur and iron. The natural medicine acknowledges its curatives effects. Wholegrain rye flour that forms the base of Racio rye knäckebrots is very good for our health as it has low glycemic index (GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels). It means that it enables glucose to release into the bloodstream slowly. The final effect is that the feeling of fullness lasts longer and it prevents us from unhealthy gluttony.

Contrary to common pastry  made from white flour the wholegrain pastry contains all parts of a grain – germ, bran and endosperm. Thanks to this the wholegrain flour conserves all important nutritional constituents such as fibre, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

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When rye falls in love with sesame seeds...

knackebrot_zitny_sezam_3... crispy, delicious and also very scrumptious RACIO Knäckebrot rye with sesame was born.

Viking bread also known as Knäckebrot gets more and more supporters. Someone likes its nice rye flavour and someone enjoys its new taste. And for everyone there is our brand new product from RACIO: Knäckebrot rye with sesame. Knäckebrot can be loosely translated as "Crispy bread," and can be considered as one of the oldest "healthy food products." Unique features of Knäckebrot are - durability, compactness and low weight – that´s why it was supposedly used by the Vikings during their long voyages on sea (expeditions and conquests) more that 1000 years ago.

Rye flour is the main ingredient of this long shelf life, multigrain product. It´s very good to include Rye into your balanced diet, mainly because it strengthens very well the immune system and has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis due to its high content of fibre and therefore should not be left out of your daily diet.   Rye together with sesame seeds creates a perfect combination to ensure vitality and harmony of your body. Small sesame seeds hide inside a huge strength. Not only they have a positive effect on the heart and nervous system, but also contribute to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails. In addition, they also increase immunity and improve metabolism.

RACIO Knäckebrot with sesame does not contain yeast, flavourings, colourings, but exceeds in high fiber, which includes respectable 17.5%. It serves as a great supplement to slimming diets and healthy lifestyles, but also it´s an ideal replacement of ordinary white bread. Moreover, it has a low glycemic index. You can eat it anytime and anywhere - at work, on the road, at home – you can always prepare a wonderful breakfast, snack or dinner. Whether you're a fan of healthy food or chasing every minute and yet have no time to buy fresh bread, this "crispy bread" could be the good choice for your shopping cart ...

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Multigrain Toast = Well-being & vitality


New Multigrain Toast is pumped up with mixture of high-fibre cereals. The following ingredients are added to the wholegrain wheat:

• Flax seeds - contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, various of vitamins and minerals. It is this combination which helps to prevent cancer, diabetes and liver dysfunction.
• Sunflower seeds – are rich source of vitamin B1 and E and also contain Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus and unsaturated fatty acids. All together they prevent high blood pressure and thyroid problems.
• Sesame, corn and buckwheat - a healthy trio, which helps to beat osteoporosis, strengthens immunity and prevents rheumatic problems.
• Oats and millet - assist in detoxification, have harmonious effect on the nervous system, reduce cholesterol and play the role of regulator in blood sugar levels.

Multigrain Toast not only fills you up but also supplies energy during the whole day. And you know that you are doing something for yourself and your body at the same time.


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