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Knackebrot_zaitny_21RACIO decided to innovate two types of knäckebrots. The new knäckebrots have changed their recipes – they contain more rye, they have softer taste and higher weight for the same price.

Racio rye knäckebrots contain 18% of dietary fibre. Fibre is very important for our health as it supports our immune system and natural peristalsis in the digestive tract, it cleans guts and it is good for constipation prevention. The dietary fibre collects harmful substances and helps to excrete them from the body. The recommended dose of the fibre is approx. 25g per day, during the reducing diet even more – up to 35g per day.

Rye is one of the typical Czech cereal crops. Contrary to wheat, rye contains gluten that provokes less allergic reactions. Rye is appreciated for its wide range of mineral nutrients – potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, sulfur and iron. The natural medicine acknowledges its curatives effects. Wholegrain rye flour that forms the base of Racio rye knäckebrots is very good for our health as it has low glycemic index (GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels). It means that it enables glucose to release into the bloodstream slowly. The final effect is that the feeling of fullness lasts longer and it prevents us from unhealthy gluttony.

Contrary to common pastry  made from white flour the wholegrain pastry contains all parts of a grain – germ, bran and endosperm. Thanks to this the wholegrain flour conserves all important nutritional constituents such as fibre, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.

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